NMONWEB is a set of tools to store in a MySQL DB performance data of AIX or Linux machines from NMON data files or utilization data collected for a managed system from HMC o IVM. 

Show this information on a Web front quickly via statistical graphics, for now. In the future, you can choose between graphics or data table.

You can retrieve performance charts CPU, Memory, Processes, Paging, LAN and SAN adapters and WLM. I tried that graphs generated have the same information and format as shown in NMON Visualizer tool.

But, unlike others tools, you can show the data from one or more days, showing all samples in shorter periods of six days. If you select a greater period of six days, show this information grouped in days, showing the Minimum, Average an Maximum values each day.

This tools is based in Perl, JavaScript and PHP, using MySQL DB.

© David López San Juan 2015