Installing the MySQL DB will be held on the platform and operating system as desired, using the intruction give by the manufacturer.

For AIX systems recommend the use of the repository Perlz (AIX Open Source Packages). There are a complete guide for this installation in this link (Perl + PHP + Apache + MySQL).

After verifying the correct installation of MySQL, you can unpack the file nmonweb_db.tgz in a temporary directory.

By default, the scripts unpackets create two databases: NMONDB and HMCDB. If you can change this names, replace in the first five lines this names for you want.

MySQLWorkbech to recommend using the following steps, but you can it by command:

mysql -u root -p -h localhost < HMCDB.sql

mysql -u root -p -h localhost < NMONDB.sql

In this scripts four new users is created for connect to this Databases:

  • nmon_adm. User for save data in NMONDB BD
  • nmon_web. Usuario for query in the Web frontend for NMONDB BD
  • hmc_adm. User for save data in HMCDB BD
  • hmc_web. Usuario for query in the Web frontend for HMCDB BD

The creation of these users are in the last lines of the scripts, including your password.

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